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February 10, 2013 by admin

OK, scallions aren’t very expensive.  But our TR family is constantly looking for ways to lower the weekly grocery bill, even if it’s by less than a dollar.  We found a way to IMG_1534reduce, or eventually eliminate, our need to buy scallions in the grocery.  We saw this trick on pinterest, and wanted to test it out before we shared it with the world at large.

The process is so simple, you’ll be surprised you didn’t think of it sooner!  When preparing a recipe with scallions, just use the green tops as you would normally.  But when you get towards the white end, stop cutting.  Take this roots end of the scallion, and put it in a small glass of water on your kitchen windowsill.  A few days later, the green ends start growing again!

We now have a small collection of green onions growing in water on the windowsill.  Our first foray into hydroponics  met with complete success!  It certainly makes us wonder what other veggies we could grow in water from the roots.  As our kitchen garden expands, we’ll let you know which plants we find the most successful.


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