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Downpayment Assistance

March 18, 2015 by admin

HouseBuying a house is a huge investment with a significant out of pocket initial expense.  If you are like us, you may be renting mostly because coming up with the several thousand dollars for a down payment is a difficult, if not impossible task.  There are always pressing reasons popping up to bite into your attempted nest egg.

But if home ownership is a goal of yours, you may be able to get assistance at raising the funds to buy a house.  Here are a few we have located so far:

Follow these links to find programs that are specific to a city, county or state:

The Homebuyersroundtable will direct you to several different options for home buying assistance.  Check each link to see if you qualify for the specific programs.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s website can direct you to assistance in your area offered at a national level.

The First Time Homebuyers website will point you to even more programs- especially programs designed to aid members of specific professions, like teachers or firefighters.

Keep in mind:  Many of these offerings have income caps, or other financial requirements. And there may be additional steps that include out of pocket expenses- like a home ownership education class- that you may or may not be able to recover later.

Your mortgage lender should have knowledge of your areas available programs. But don’t be afraid to press them for the information you desire.

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