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  1. Project Time

    June 2, 2016 by admin

    Use this chart for getting your wooden projects to measure out correctly.  Very handy, if you’ve forgotten most of what they taught you in Woodshop class in junior high:


  2. Arty and Crafty!

    November 4, 2012 by admin

    We are lucky to have a large space devoted to arts & crafts which includes an up-cycled art table for our family’s various projects.  In fact, having proper space for arts and crafts was a factor in the selection of our current apartment.  Over the years, we’ve gathered a good stock of supplies when stores mark things on clearance.

    Tip1:  You may not need green glitter paint now.  But if a huge container is deeply discounted at .69cents, you’ll be happy you picked it up at some point in the near future (Halloween, St Patty’s Day, school projects, etc.)  Shop the ends of aisles and back of the store in arts&crafts shops for great deals!

    We’ve labeled each drawer of our arts & crafts area so that everything is easily located.  Our most used items include:  crayons, paint, tape, glue, scissors, and paper (construction/graph/white).  Thanks to our stock piling, we don’t remember that last time we purchased something from one of those categories beyond white paper.

    Tip2:  If your kids are in school, you know that you’ll have a sizeable supply list at the start of the year.  We always pull the requested items from our collection.  There is no reason the supply list has to be satisfied with brand new items.  As long as your supplies are in reasonable condition, send them to your school!

    We don’t usually initiate a specific arts & crafts project with our kids.  We’ll just suggest, “Let’s paint,” or “Let’s scissor up some paper,” and then we see what direction the kids take with it.  Large, parent-driven projects are not impossible.  Recently, our Bluey and Dad constructed a robot over a few days!  And we love creating a diorama.

    Even if your supplies are limited to paper, pencils, and scissors, there are many fun activities to explore such as paper snowflakes, paper boats/hats, paper dolls, and drawing.  The important part is to allow yourself to jump in and get creative!