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  1. Uninsurable Ball Of Fluff?

    August 24, 2015 by admin

    This TR Family had been with Progressive Insurance for about a decade.  When we recently purchased our new home, it was a no-brainer to stick with Progressive for our homeowner’s insurance.  We had never had an issue with their service.  In fact, when we had an unfortunate car collision about a year ago, Progressive’s handling of our accident was stellar.

    We paid the annual fee for our homeowner’s insurance and were quite content for two months, when we got an odd email from Progressive indicating that our policy would be canceled.  Thinking this was some sort of miscommunication, we immediately phoned Progressive.

    We were told that we hadn’t provided any proof of our dog’s breed and our policy was going to be canceled.  Since we received NO request for dog information from Progressive – other than when we applied for our policy, we had NO idea they needed further information from us.  We immediately supplied what was requested: a picture of our dog and a statement from our Vet as to the breed.

    Here is the picture we provided:IMG_1039

    Along with our Vet’s disclosure.

    We are very proud owners of our rescued pup, Molly.  The organization that we used to adopt Molly referred to her as a “Spanador” as they thought she was half lab and half spaniel.  Since she is a rescue, no one could say with 100% accuracy her definite lineage or breed.  But she is a slightly overweight ball of love that has never had anger issues and has never bitten anyone.

    According to Progressive Insurance’s management, not being able to pinpoint Molly’s breed beyond a shadow of a doubt meant that we were no longer insurable.  Our policy was canceled effective immediately and there was no recourse.

    Here are the undisputable facts:

    • Progressive Insurance does not care how long you’ve been a loyal customer
    • Progressive Insurance discriminates against certain dog breeds
    • Progressive Insurance has an impossible set of criteria for any adoptive dog/rescued dog family to fulfill
    • Progressive Insurance will cancel your insurance on the spot regardless of your loyal history and regardless of initially accepting your payment and contract. Remember- their agent that opened our homeowner’s policy did NOT ask for any further information about our pup!

    We are very glad that we found out we were giving our business to a company that isn’t dog friendly.  We would not want to patronize Progressive Insurance had we known these facts.  And we are thrilled to now have our insurance relationship with State Farm.

    Rescue families and friends of rescues and strays be warned!  Do your research and ask pointed questions about dog ownership when searching for home insurance.  And have a back-up plan just in case you find yourself suddenly invited out of your Insurance company.

    We urger you to spread the word!  If you love stray and rescued animals and support those who take them in- make sure all your friends know that Progressive Insurance will cancel policies based on the unknown parentage of those pets.  We’ve had great luck with State Farm taking care of us and our harmless dog.  What other companies can you help us identify as pro-rescue pet?  Help spread the word and support companies that support rescued pets!

  2. No Food Zone

    July 30, 2014 by admin


    We came up with one step towards bringing a higher level of order to our house:

    No food in the bedrooms.  Ever.

    We’d been experiencing increasing problems having the kiddoes keep their bedrooms clean.  Our efforts at cajoling, convincing and threatening had come to naught.  We didn’t know what to do.  We found we had to step back and look at some of the causes of the clutter and the main reasons it bothered us.

    This resulted in a major rule change.  Eating snacks and such in bedrooms was no longer permitted.

    We got some resistance at first, but it quickly diminished.

    It’s early on in the new program, so we don’t have long-term results.  But the early returns are good.   Not only are we seeing no dishes and food waste in the bedrooms, but the absence of the foodstuffs seems to have helped foster a higher level of neatness and order in the bedrooms.

    We hope this is permanent.

    What else might be a good move for keeping a bit of order in your messiest rooms?  Let us know if you have further ideas for us to try.

  3. To Rent Or To Own

    July 25, 2013 by admin

    Home-for-RentWe find ourselves at a crossroads.  Since moving to Madison, we’ve rented within the same building for 3 years now.  We love our location and we are blessed to have a ton of space, a garage, and a large back yard.

    But we have no ownership rights over our home.  If we want to plant flowers or vegetables, we have to ask our landlord and await his determination.  If we scratch the floor, all we see are dollar signs, rather than just being able to shrug it off.  Our walls are white and will stay that way.

    The upside is that when something major goes awry, like water in the basement, it is our aggravation but NOT our expense (only downside- repairs are completed on a time-table and a quality standard set by someone else.)  If we tire of our neighborhood, we can move when our lease is up.  And our bills are typically a fixed amount from month to month.

    Then there is the fact that we want colorful walls.  And we would love to expand our garden.  We don’t want to constantly wonder if the landlord will deal with the leaky sink.  If we fix it ourselves, will he get angry?  We long to establish relationships with the majority of our neighbors rather than seeing them change like the seasons.  We don’t enjoy holding our breath each year, wondering if the landlord will finally sell his building and not renew our lease.

    So which benefits outweigh the negatives?  We aren’t 100% sure yet.  But we’re stepping closer toward home ownership.

  4. How Do You Know When It’s Clean Enough?

    July 21, 2013 by admin


    Our TR home is bursting with 2 kids, 3 cats, 1 dog, and 2 fish.  We are grateful to enjoy a rather large square footage of living space.  But it is still crammed with hand-me-down toys, clothes that no longer fit but may some day, countless books, and a mish-mash of furniture.

    As much as we try to stay on top of the chaos of day-to-day living, we know we aren’t achieving Felix Unger perfection.  Our beloved dog, Molly Moo, leaves bunny sized dust balls throughout the house.  Our children can’t resist the urge to flick crumbs from the couch or table, to the floor.  Our laundry breeds.  Seriously.  How many dirty clothes can a family of 4 create?  Our cats selectively throw up on the only carpeted space.  It just never ends.

    So we find ourselves constantly chasing the mess only to keep it barely under control.  Sure, we could stay up late into the night to clean once our kids have gone to bed.  Or we could decide that it is okay to leave some dishes in the sink to be rinsed tomorrow.  For now, our sanity rests squarely on the middle ground between hospital clean and dorm room dirty.