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  1. Lego Designer Videos

    December 5, 2014 by admin

    Lego Design TeamFor a quick and fun way to inspire your builders, let your young inventor learn from some of the best with help from a short on-line video.

    Just point your browser towards YouTube, and type “Lego Designer” in the search field. Up pops a long list of videos narrated by actual Lego Designers, proudly showing off their works. Most of the videos are only 3 or 4 minutes long- just the perfect length for inspiration!

    Get an inside look at the new Jawa Sandcrawler, or the Sydney Opera House. Learn the thought processes behind buildings, vehicles and movies sets.

    Fun Sidenote: Lego Designers hail from all over the world. It is fun to hear their accents and think about what language they spoke as children.Lego Town Hall

    You and your kiddoes will no doubt move straight from the computer to the Legos to try out new ideas!

    For another twist, search under “Lego Designer Tips.” Here you’ll find not insights into existing Lego sets, but pro tips from the builders on everything from making cool furniture to jazzing up a motorcycle. These are all tips from people whose job is to play with Legos- the things they come up with are pretty cool and sure to get your builder juices flowing!

    So when you or your kiddoes need a jumpstart, check out a few Lego Designer videos and get your creativity on!

  2. More Power To Ya!

    November 2, 2012 by admin

    As you all know by now, a tremendous storm, Sandy, blew into the East Coast and knocked out power, decimated houses, flooded towns and tunnels, and took lives.  Millions of people are affected by this weather event.

    Snapped utility poles in Bloomfield, NJ. Photo by Mike McIntyre

    Here at ThriftyRambler (TR), our hearts go out to everyone on the East Coast.  We were born and raised in the New Jersey and lived in New England for years.  We’ve experienced our own share of fierce storms and power outages.

    We want to send a TR salute to those who are putting things back together.  First Responders include EMT’s, Firefighters, and the Red Cross.  These courageous folks step into the breach and rescue people and pets from harm’s way.   First Responders get a lot of well-deserved praise and accolades for their efforts in events like Sandy.

    Our TR family survived the New Hampshire Ice Storm of ’08.   During this event, we struggled without power and running water for ten days!  This experience shed light on an often overlooked Responder during major weather disasters.

    So we now want to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to the Power and Light employees from all over North America:  HydroQuebec, PG&E in California, MG&E in Wisconsin, and the Arkansas COOP Electric, to name a few.  In addition, there are countless other powerline technicians and repair people who will travel hundreds of miles to offer aid in this disaster.  All of these folks end up sleeping in dingy hotels far from their homes and working 16 to twenty hours a day in order to restore power to the people on the East Coast.   We know first-hand how essential and incredible their commitment is to our Nation in times of crisis!

    We hope that the East Coast continues to make a steady and strong recovery.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.



    Photos by Mike McIntyre and ThriftyRambler