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  1. It’s A New Day

    May 3, 2016 by admin


    On getting past conflict, wisdom from the youngest Rambler:

  2. Focused on Felines

    October 22, 2013 by admin

    Lately, our Bluey is pretty obsessed with cats.  No, not the Andrew Lloyd Webber kind on Broadway. But cats all the same: super cats, robo-cats, Garfield.  You name it!  If it’s IMG_2632_2feline, Bluey wants to experience it.

    Every toy, rock and stick he picks up becomes a cat.  Most of his Show&Tell appointments are about cats in one way or another.

    But we’re not worried about this becoming a one-note band.  It’s a typical stage that kids pass through.  Bluey won’t be obsessed with cats forever.  He’ll move on to dinosaurs, or planes, or pine trees.  And eventually, he’ll figure out that he can have a plethora of stuff that interests him, all at the same time.

    Until then, we let Bluey follow his bliss.  Why not?  His enthusiasm leads to learning moments.  We read about cats.  We discuss and research cats.  We perfect our “Meows.”

  3. Get Moving Early!

    November 23, 2012 by admin

    Top Reasons to get your family out the door early in the morning:

    >Your kids and you should have tons of energy as your day has just begun.

    >You’ve probably had breakfast, so there will be fewer, “I’m hungry!” complaints.

    >The stores are less crowded, making it easier to find your items.  And it will be simpler to keep your eyes on your kids while allowing them to roam a bit.

    >Stores are fully stocked, so it’s a breeze to cruise quickly through your shopping list.

    >No matter your destination, most staff members have just started their shift.  Workers should be high energy, enthusiastic, and cheerful.

    >Museums are quieter, so you can explain displays to your children and learn more while taking your time to explore.

    >There are fewer people in the way of exhibits.  And there are less folk to act annoyed when your kids are just being kids.

    >You can go on an explore and then get home in time for lunch, which means no expensive lunch out!