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The ThriftyRambler Kindness Project

We have embarked on a Kindness Project.  We invite you to join us.IMG_1694

Kindness is contagious and we are working to spread it.  The idea is to make a concerted effort to commit random, kind acts—for your friends and neighbors, or for complete strangers.  Once you start down the path of kindness, forever will it guide your destiny.  Each act gets easier, and each day greets you with a new chance to do something nice for someone.

We are talking mostly of simple acts of niceness.  There isn’t a need for expensive gestures.  Just aim for simple, cheap, or free things that you can do to brighten someone’s day.

Great ways to spread kindness include:

  • Bake cookies and share them with neighbors and co-workers.
  • Brush snow off someone else’s car.
  • Write someone (even a stranger!) a letter, just to tell them that you think they’re awesome.
  • For ten minutes, stand at the door to a store, restaurant, or apartment complex and hold the door for everyone who comes along.
  • Pay the highway toll for the car behind you.
  • Buy a cup of coffee for someone else in line.
  • Shovel a neighbor’s walk.
  • Buy a small gift card from a restaurant, and give it to a person who really needs it.
  • Say hello to a dog.
  • Drop a bag of bird seed at the front door of a home that has a birdfeeder in the yard.


We’ll share with you the specific ways our family has enacted kindness.  We invite you to tell us your stories, too, and we’ll share them here.  If we all make an effort to be kind, the world will be a better place, the kindness will spread, and we’ll all be better off in the end!

Here’s what we have accomplished so far:

  1. Kindness Project #1
  2. Kindness Project #2
  3. Kindness Project #3
  4. Kindness Project #4
  5. Kindness Project #5


  1. I’m from a Boston Catholic family of 7 children. As youths, my mom insisted that we help the older neighbors on our street. She had us shovel sidewalks, mow lawns and rake leaves. Some time over the years our church initiated a survey of parishioners and the nuns were going door to door interviewing people. When one sister got to our house she went on and on about how highly the neighbors talked about her children and how helpful they were. Her response, “Try living with them.” Still to this day, I do help senior neighbors with outdoor chores.

  2. Denise thibodeau says:

    ,I am so excited to be part of a fun project that can change the world!

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